A big part of GRIEF VIGILANTES is the special relationship between the female characters. Learn more about what makes them tick.


Played by Dione Kuraoka

Josie is a hard worker who cares about people, but after the death of her father she’s had enough. When her boss is insensitive to her Josie hatches a plan to make her pay. Josie is the girl next door who’s stopped playing nice and is really to bust some heads on the way to dealing with her grief.


Played by Kaitlyn Tanimoto

\ Bianca is a hothead with a heart. She is that friend who has conspiracy theories for everything and isn’t afraid to bore you with them. Grief has brought out the most rage-filled side of Bianca and she is ready to use it to help Josie on her quest. 


Played by Sofia Gonzalez

Willow is a kindhearted soul who believes in guidance from chanting, crystals, and angels. She doesn’t know how to reconcile her grief with her spirituality. Willow hopes that by helping Josie she can find divine answers. 


Played by Denisse Ojeda

Nora is an unabashed people-pleaser and peacemaker. Nora is the type of friend who will go along with any great adventure. She is kind and the moral center of the grief group.