In 2017, Aysha’s father, Howard Wax, passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. He was a larger-than-life man, and he left behind a giant hole in Aysha’s life. Howard Wax was a clinical psychologist, vegan, Buddhist, and well-dressed man who loved neon. Howard admired the fact that Aysha had turned a tough job into her one-woman show. He would always say, “Your special talent is making something beautiful out of a terrible experience.” After Howard passed Aysha didn’t know how she would ever create anything again. She spent her free time crying in public places… and sometimes mid-cry getting hit on. Is there anything hotter than a vulnerable woman with mascara running down her cheeks?

Aysha went back to work shortly after her dad’s passing. Everything seemed impossible. Time stood still. It was hard enough to get up, let alone work with people. But what made it worse was a manager who yelled at her the second day back, for some exceedingly dumb reason, so dumb she can’t remember what it was now. Aysha felt helpless. The pain was immense. The job was lonely. Her dad was gone.

Then, like a beam of light on a dark night, Aysha joined a grief group at Our House a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that specializes in grief counseling.  Aysha joined GAP 65 and met a bunch of amazing women who were also dealing with the loss of their parents. Suddenly, she wasn’t so alone and suddenly there were six women on her side through thick and thin.

For the first time, Aysha felt inspired. Maybe once again she could turn something that was shitty (i.e. her work experience post-loss) into something creative and exciting. And she thought she could incorporate the women who had lifted her up; her grief group. What if she could have the workplace fantasy she had dreamed of when she was crying in her car after work? What if she could make a piece of art where four women got to be featured and center stage? And what if she could take the worst part of her life and make it into something lighter, weirder and funny?